A New Startup

We are a stealth dating app startup that, we believe, has a particularly strong concept, with unique but practical and broad positioning, excellent tech, beautiful design, and a commitment to inclusion and representation for all genders and sexualities that goes way beyond the mainstream dating apps.

We are looking for someone to take a leadership position, focused on marketing the app, representing the company, and building our brand and user base. More than any particular skill set, we are looking for someone with brilliant creativity, communication skills, strategy, execution, and hustle. Bootstrapping a dating app is a particularly interesting and difficult challenge-- the app is useless for new users unless it already has users. We are *not* looking for a cookie-cutter corporate marketing person.

The co-founders are successful entrepreneurs and angel investors, with experience in tech and the entertainment industry. They previously founded and ran an independent mobile game company that had multiple viral hits, several Editor's Choice promotions from the Apple and Google app stores, over 20 million app downloads, and a successful acquisition. We know how to design and build apps that scale, monetize, and reach millions of people. This new app is privately funded and we're building a small, world-class team.

Above all, we are creating something truly special on both product and mission. Our values are not an afterthought or reluctant obligation; we have decades of commitment to social justice work, through activism and non-profit advocacy. We know impact requires both commitment and scale.

The Job

This is a dream job for the right person-- if you are excited about building something that can scale quickly, have a tangible impact on how people meet and engage with each other, and you like creative problem solving, we want to hear from you. This is a rare chance to be one of the first employees at an early stage startup founded by experienced entrepreneurs.

Are you bored in a senior position at a bigger company and want to take on a real challenge? Or are you young and hustling and know you can do incredible things? Talent comes in all ages and styles and we are ready to consider anyone, but we will be extremely picky.

Our current team is spread out on the east and west coasts and everyone is working remotely. Depending on your location we may put an office together in the short or medium term. Compensation will include salary and equity. People of color and LGBTQI individuals are strongly encouraged to apply.

Please email to learn more. Include a resume or linkedin profile.

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